Eating Mooncake(2) – Choose the Right Ones

Mooncake is a must for Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. However, not all mooncakes are appropriate to patients and elderly thus we should choose the right ones for them:

1. Hypertension,hyperglycemia,hyperlipidemia: mooncakes with less calories, less animal lipid and less sugar are more desirable
2. Diabetes mellitus: instead of normal sugar, mooncakes made from sugar alcohol like xylitol, maltitol are better due to their low glycemic index(GI) such that patients’ blood glucose level will not fluctuate as much as mooncakes made from normal sugar.
3. Swallowing difficulty: snowy mooncakes and mooncakes containing lotus seed paste should be avoid to prevent choking, as glutinous rice pastry of snowy mooncakes and lotus seed paste may be sticky and more difficult to swallow.
4. Gout patient: they should avoid mooncakes containing lotus seed paste or bean paste as both may trigger gout

Choose the right mooncake and enjoy!

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