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Health condition and living environment varies from one elderly to another, thus level of care they need and related skills needed in taking care of them varies too.  Patients suffered from long-term illnesses (e.g. stroke, dementia, cancer) requires more intensive care.  Our onsite caregiver training offered by experienced registered nurses includes knowledge sharing of elderly’s illnesses, offering guidance and teaching caregivers necessary skills in daily caregiving, such as how to use different medical equipment and aids.

We offer onsite in-home training which can flexibly match the time of caregivers and elderly. Caregivers can stay at home for classes, no need to travel around and worry about the need of extra manpower to take care of the elderly.  On-site training also allows us to assess patient’s condition and living environment and then provide the most appropriate training and advice. Family members and domestic helpers can take the training and learn the skills together to ensure that all family members are equipped with necessary skills to take care of the elderly such that elderly can be taken care well around the clock.

Our personalized training includes:

  • Blood pressure and glucose level checking and recording
  • Continence care (e.g. change of diapers)
  • Feeding skills and diet planning
  • Transfer skills (e.g. between bed and wheelchair)
  • Physical training
  • Skin, wound and bed sore care
  • Communication skills and emotional care
  • How to encourage patients for self-care (if conditions allow)

Looking for caregiver training? Feel free to contact us to arrange a tailor-maid training sessions for you!

Conducted by experienced registered nurse

Personalized caregiver training

Family member and Domestic helper attend together

In-home onsite training

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