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While taking care of your elderly at home, you may encounter different questions or challenges and want to have an answer.  Healthcare consultation helps family to quickly resolve issues and questions in caregiving before next doctor appointment.  It is particularly useful to families that take care of elderly with chronic illnesses (e.g. stroke), having long-term medication or having infrequent or isolated doctor appointments.

We will send experienced registered nurses to offer home visit, conduct basic elderly health assessment, understand the healthcare needs of your elderly, and answer any questions you may have in daily caregiving. E.g:

Our experienced registered nurse will offer home visit, basic elderly health assessment, answers and advice to you, and discuss with you any healthcare needs of your elderly, e.g.:

  1. Rehabilitation and healthcare suggestions
  2. Information of medicines
  3. Caregiver training, e.g. transfer skills
  4. Daily lives advices, e.g. diet or habits

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Rehab & Healthcare Suggestions

Information of Medicines

Caregiver training

Daily lives advices

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