About Us

Sparkle Healthcare is a social enterprise set up by a group of caregivers with extensive experience in home care for the elderly.


Our Mission

Hong Kong is gradually becoming an aging society. While we are proud with longevity among our elderly, there is an increasing demand of medical care in parallel too. With our extensive experience in caregiving, we understand the problems and difficulties that caregivers may encounter day to day. We provide one-stop shop service to take care of your elderly and share your pressure in caregiving by offering the best rehabilitation and day-to-day care to your beloved elderly. We believe that "Aging at Home" is the most preferred model among elderly. Through proper home improvement, professional services provided by domestic helpers or nursing staff, elderly can be taken care at home and stay in the community even if they suffer from chronic illnesses. It is much more economical to being taken care at home than staying in elderly home. Besides, you don't need to worry about situation and adaptation problem of elderly home. More importantly, we hope that through care giving by family and our service staff, elderly can enjoy not only quality care services but also the interactions involved and thus fulfill their spiritual needs. We are committed to provide quality healthcare services and technology solution that keeps you informed of health condition of your elderly and helps you to arrange services for your elderly.

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