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For elderly with rehabilitation and special healthcare needs, proper healthcare services and rehabilitation exercises can help wound healing, strengthen the body and slowdown deterioration.  Helping elderly to regain autonomy and self-care ability can reduce subsequent follow-up care and reliance to family member.  This can not only enhance and increase elderly’s dignity and self-confidence, but also relieve pressure and burden of family.  However, due to different reasons like environmental restrictions and unable to access the required resources, elderly cannot receive proper healthcare and perform rehabilitation and eventually miss the golden period of recovery.

Our in-home rehabilitation and healthcare services offer the best solution to elderly with above needs.  Based on elderly’s condition and their healthcare needs, we will offer the appropriate professional service staff such as physiotherapists, speech therapists, registered or enrolled nurses, health workers, etc. to provide proper rehabilitation and healthcare services (such as bathing, simple wound treatment and medicine batching). Our on-site service relieves the elderly and their families from going back and forth to the hospital, and greatly reduces the risk of elderly being injured on the way.  We can also understand the living environment of the elderly and the rehabilitation difficulties that may be encountered.  And then formulate personalized rehabilitation activities using facilities at home in order to cater different healthcare needs of the elderly.

Seize the golden period of recovery, and contact us immediately to arrange rehabilitation and healthcare services for your elderly as soon as possible.



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