Dementia Cognitive Training and Healthcare Plan

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Although dementia is irreversible, appropriate training and care can significantly slow down the rate of deterioration of the disease.  Under this plan, each dementia patient will be taken care as individual case so dedicated and customized cognitive training and healthcare plan can be developed and executed.

This is a monthly plan and includes 6 times totally 15 hours of in-home services, as well as 24-hour remote support.

Cognitive, Memory and Living Skills Training

– Seasoned Occupational Therapist sets up appropriate training according to patient’s condition, provides recommendations to home improvement and tools; 1 home visit every month for follow up and adjustment to training content

– Training are conducted 3 times a month, 2 to 3 hours each, at home by experienced healthcare worker

Health Condition Management and Nursing Care

– Experienced registered nurse provides home visits twice a month.  Patient’s health and medication condition will be inspected.  Vital signs(blood pressure, glucose level, temperature etc) can be sent to nurse on daily basis for daily remote monitoring.  24-hour whatsapp and phone support available to answer any caregivers inquiries.

– Other than training, experienced healthcare worker will also deliver nursing care (e.g. bathing, exercise etc) during visit.

Cognitive, Memory and Living Skills training

Health Condition Management and Nursing Care

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