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Discharge planning bridges the gap between hospitalization and post-discharge home care for patient.  Through proper integration of healthcare resources, they can continue to receive proper caregiving after discharge.  As it may take some time to complete all preparation and coordination work for discharge planning, it should be started right after patient being admitted to hospital.

Discharge planning can avoid hassle in any unexpected work needed for post-discharge care. Through assessment of the long-term healthcare needs of patient, required healthcare resources are identified and formulated so family can prepare ahead of time before elderly is discharged.  A good discharge plan can significantly reduce the risk of re-admission of elderly in the long run.

Our discharge planning service starts with assessment of patient health condition and home environment, then analyze and identify with patient and their family any short-term and/or long-term home improvement measures and healthcare support that may be required after discharge. E.g:

  • Selecting and purchases of rehabilitation products (e.g. wheelchair, shower chair, etc); home improvement, installation of handrails or shower chairs, creation of barrier-free home
  • Caregiver training to domestic helpers, family members and any other assistants
  • Formulate and arrange healthcare services after discharge, e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietitian, rehabilitation exercise, daily healthcare services etc
  • Escort services for discharge and subsequent medical appointments

We look forward to work with you together to prepare for discharge of your loved family member and resolve any possible problems and issue in advance so that you all can enjoy ease of mind, and patient can receive proper healthcare services seamlessly after discharge. We will further continue to work with you closely to make the any appropriate adjustments based on latest situation of the patient after discharge.

Need professional advice? Feel free to consult with us for the best solution for your loved one’s post-discharge healthcare needs.


Rehab products purchases & home improvement

Employ and/or train foreign helper and family members

Rehab and healthcare arrangement

Escort service for discharge and subsequent outgoing activities

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