Keeping Elderly Warm(1) – Head

In Autumn, people get sick easily due to sudden change in temperature. And low temperature causes vasoconstriction which may increase the chance of myocardial infarction (or commonly known as heart attack) and stroke. So keeping our elderly, especially those with hypertension or heart diseases, warm is very important in autumn and winter time.
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Knitting benefits both Physical and Mental health

In UK, initiative ‘Knit for Peace’ – supported by charity funds – has recruited more than 22000 volunteers to knit for the needed. Some of them are well above 100 years old! Read more..

Eating Mooncake (3) – Matching Drinks and Food

Families always prepare also other foods to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, other than mooncakes. The right matches are very important for elderly Read more..

Eating Mooncake(2) – Choose the Right Ones

Mooncake is a must for Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. However, not all mooncakes are appropriate to patients and elderly thus we should choose the right ones for them:

1. Hypertension,hyperglycemia,hyperlipidemia: mooncakes with less calories, less animal lipid and less sugar are more desirable Read more..

Eating Mooncake(1) – like a Gentleman/Lady

Eating mooncakes is a critical part to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. However, safety while enjoying mooncake is more critical for elderly. This is because there were accidents about choking due to mooncake eating, including some casualties.
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The Power of Greenery

Living close to greenery can help to maintain memory and cognition! A 10-year survey, which has income, marital status, habits controlled, Read more..

Open your eyes, you (your brain!) can fly

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and now may also become windows to protect cognition!

A research in the United States earlier tested both visual and cognitive abilities of more than 2000 elderly, and found that the poorer the vision, the poorer the cognition. Read more..

Kick diabetes away

Recent research in Faroe Islands reveals that football playing helps to stave off the development of type 2 diabetes among elderly patients already suffering from prediabetes.

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BE FAST – to identify stroke quickly

Stroke is one of the common fatal diseases in Hong Kong. According to Hong Kong Hospital Authority, more than 2500 people died due to stroke directly!

Remember the acronym BE FAST which can help you to identify stroke!

B (Balance) – lost of balance, fall
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“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”

Vitamin D plays a very important role in maintaining bones and muscle healthy, it can also help preventing cardiovascular disease.

Sunbathing is the best way to get vitamin D.  So sunbath in this summer!  However, avoid prolonged sunbathing or sunbathing at noon to reduce the risk of sunburn.

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