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Outgoing activities are as important as healthcare at home in improving quality of life of elderly with illnesses.  Other than regular outpatient visits and examinations, social activities allows elderly to maintain contact with the community and their circle of living, have a good mood, and reduce dependence on family members in the long run.

However, people are busy and cannot accompany their elderly for outgoing activities every time.  Elderly may also be worried about burdens to family member such that they prefer staying at home to going out.  Our escort service enables elderly to be accompanied and properly cared for when they go out for a walk, medical appointment or friend visit etc, so that you do not need to make a time to accompany elderly nor worry about them on the way out.  For elderly that use wheelchair, we can also arrange barrier-free taxis so that elderly can stay on their wheelchair throughout the trip and reduce the potential risk of injury caused by the transfer on and off the taxis

Does your family member need escort service? Please contact us to arrange the most intimate care for his/her next trip.

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