Coping with caregiver stress and preventing burnout

Caregiver’s role comes with a lot of stress.  If such stress cannot be coped properly, caregiver will burnout and results in not only decline in caregiving but also decline in caregiver’s own health.

There are many reasons that can lead to caregiver’s burnout.  For example, lack of sleep and rest, difficult to have a balance between caregiver and other roles (e.g. parent, spouse, employee), financial difficulties, lost of social activities etc.

There are different ways to deal with stress to prevent burnout.  Caregivers should do exercise regularly, have good and balance diet, get support from family, friends, neighbors and professionals, be realistic to family member’s health condition and expectation to their caregiving job, and more.

Only if caregiver can handle his/her stress from his/her caregiver role, he/she and family member being taken care can get along well and caregiving becomes effective and efficient.

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