Keeping Elderly Warm(1) – Head

In Autumn, people get sick easily due to sudden change in temperature. And low temperature causes vasoconstriction which may increase the chance of myocardial infarction (or commonly known as heart attack) and stroke. So keeping our elderly, especially those with hypertension or heart diseases, warm is very important in autumn and winter time.

Other than wearing appropriate clothing, we should be particularly careful in keeping a few body parts warm enough. Let’s cover head in this article.

Scalp has blood vessels very close to surface. When blood flows through such blood vessels, it is cooled by cold air. When it flows back to the body, it will lower the body temperature. Therefore, a hat should be worn to reduce loss of body heat and also reduce chance of headaches, cerebral thrombosis or stroke caused by cerebral vasoconstriction and slow blood flow. In addition, consume warm water appropriately to reduce the chance of stroke due to excessive blood viscosity.

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