Knitting benefits both Physical and Mental health

In UK, initiative ‘Knit for Peace’ – supported by charity funds – has recruited more than 22000 volunteers to knit for the needed. Some of them are well above 100 years old!

Studies were carried out against more than 1300 elderly participants and it was found that knitting brings tremendous benefits to both physical and mental health:
1. Slow down the onset of and rate of deterioration of dementia
2. Focus in knitting helps distracting from pain
3. Knitting calmly reduce blood pressure
4. Helps killing time and facilitate social networking, thus reduce depression and anxiety due to loneliness
5. Increase in self-esteem and feeling of ‘useful’ while sending out their products to needed people

Although there is no similar initiative in Hong Kong, you can always start knitting by yourself to enjoy these benefits!

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